Tyler M. Salters

Spring 2018 Student Volunteer

Miss Tyler Montique Salters is from Kingstree, South Carolina. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications at Voorhees College in May of 2017. For two years throughout her undergraduate years, she had the opportunity to intern with the Communications/Public Relations Department. Miss Salters is currently pursuing her Master's Degree at Alabama A&M University in the Communications Specialist program.  Within  the field of Communications she desire to work in  Public Relations and Television Broadcasting.  In her spare time. she enjoys writing short stories, poetry and plays. Two of her many aspirations in life are to publish a series of short stories and produce and direct many of my creative writing scripts. 

For her internship, Miss Salters is currently working with WJAB-TV Program Manager, Latoyia Clemons.

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