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Senators Swear To Render 'Impartial Justice' In Impeachment Trial

Updated at 3:10 p.m. ET Amid much pomp and circumstance, the Senate took some of its first steps on Thursday to prepare for next week's impeachment trial of President Trump, just the third such trial in Senate history. Chief Justice John Roberts, having crossed First Street from the Supreme Court building over to the Capitol, joined senators in the chamber and then was sworn in by Senate President pro tempore Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Roberts will preside over the trial. Calling on them to...

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AAMU Office of Public Relations  

Alabama A&M University has announced the upcoming construction of the William Hooper Councill Eternal Flame Memorial. The project will be a lasting tribute to the visionary founder of AAMU and his enduring fight for education that has positively impacted the United States and beyond.

The Alabama A&M University Office of Student Affairs will host its Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration. This event is a part of the University's Beyond Normal Lecture Series. The program is scheduled for Thursday, January 16, 2020 in the Ernest L. Knight Center at 12:30 p.m.. The Guest Speaker is Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of the late Malcom X. 

Mrs. Washington is a Fall 2019 Alabama A&M University Graduate. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work at the young age of 80 years old. Mrs. Washington maintained a 4.0 GPA during her college career.

The President of Alabama A&M University, Dr. Andrew Hugine, Jr. had a one one one with Mrs. Washington find out more about her amazing journey.

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The Marching Maroon and White will celebrate 130 Years of Musical Excellence! The theme for its Anniversary is "Celebrating the past, uniting the present, while embracing the future! 

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Vote Samira Hopkinson, Miss Alabama A&M University for Ebony HBCU Campus Queen. Go Bulldogs!

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It costs just $16 to buy a one-way ticket on the Amtrak train from Chicago to Bloomington, Ill., unless you're the two people who use wheelchairs and tried to buy tickets recently. They were told their tickets will cost not $16 — but $25,000.

When Adam Ballard saw what Amtrak wanted to charge, he couldn't believe it.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed new rules for school meals aimed at giving administrators more flexibility in what they serve in school cafeterias around the country each day.

The U.S. Supreme Court says it will consider whether employers should be allowed to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage to their workers because of moral or religious objections.

Police have arrested three men in northern Georgia who are suspected of belonging to a violent white supremacist group called The Base, saying that they were plotting to commit murder and that they belonged to a criminal street gang.

They're the second trio of suspected Base members to be arrested this week; the FBI announced Thursday that it arrested three other men in Maryland.

Everyone retires someday.

It's a fact of life — one that folks usually come to terms with in their mid- to late 60s. Unless, of course, you're running for president. Or Clint Eastwood.

There's one man, though, who makes a whippersnapper like Eastwood look like a novice: Bob Vollmer, who, at 102 years old, is only now considering putting his feet up after nearly six decades at Indiana's Department of Natural Resources.

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