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YO! Just Checkin In

Oct 30, 2020

  From "The Hill" to Hollywood! On the latest edition of WJAB's " Yo! Just Checkin In" host Marcus Sims has the opportunity to talk with Jessi Nicolet! This Alabama A&M grad has been making waves in the entertainment industry and can now be seen in the Holiday movie "Christmas in Carolina"!

Founded by a former slave, Dr. William Hooper Councill, Huntsville Normal School opened in 1875.

In 1969, then Alabama A&M College gained University status to become what we now know as Alabama A&M University. 

Alabama A&M is  progressive institution of higher learning education with a tenacious commitment to academic excellence. 

On this edition of WJAB's Yo! Just Checkin In" Host Marcus Sims chats with Dr Archie Tucker, AAMU's Vice President of Marketing, Communication and Advancement. They discuss his new podcast " Start and Go". The podcast will engage in thought-provoking conversations with AAMU students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as community members from across the state and beyond.

On this episode of "This Week at AAMU" Host, Michael Burns, speaks with a representative from Drake State Community & Technical College about their "Pathways Program". Ms. Karen Ray, Placement and Apprenticeships Coordinator at Drake State explains how a student enrolled at Drake State can work to complete a two year degree or certain certificates while earning credits toward a four year degree from Alabama A&M University.

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Interested in the music biz?

On the latest edition of WJABs " Yo! Just Checkin In" Host, Marcus Sims chats with the Tennessee Valley's own,  multi-platinum producer, engineer , songwriter Craig Groove! Chances are Craig has worked with some of your favorite artists whether R&B, gospel, and hip hop.