AAMU - President's Message on Women's History Month

Mar 10, 2017

AAMU Celebrating Women's History Month

As part of its observance of Women’s History Month, Alabama A&M University has launched a new web page featuring some 70 women affiliated with the institution and who have made undeniable contributions to the 142-year-old campus and well beyond.

“As we scan through the chronicles of time, we honor those brave and giving First Ladies, those committed staff members, the dedicated faculty members, and the countless alums who continue to give back,” commented AAMU President Andrew Hugine, Jr., whose letter serves as a preface to the listing.

The featured women are divided among the major categories of Business/Corporate, Education, Law, Medicine, Military, Public Service and Sports/Entertainment.  They include innovative business women, national award-winning educators, lawyers focused on child welfare, a promising researcher specializing in early cancer detection, a rare U.S. Navy Captain, a former Chicago-area commissioner, one of the nation’s most successful volleyball coaches and an R&B notable.

Click here to visit AAMU’s extensive tribute to Women’s History Month.