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Like many of us, 10-year-old Eli McKivigan again has, as he puts it, a...

ELI MCKIVIGAN: Phobia of needles.

SHAPIRO: He really doesn't like them.

On the day we visit Jeneyah McDonald, she has five pallets' worth of bottled water in a corner of her kitchen.

"Oh, that's low," she says.

McDonald buys more every week for cooking, drinking and brushing teeth. She also has a filter on her tap. She checks the light to see it remains green.

"I try and keep a clear glass by the sink so I can fill it up to see with some paper behind it," she says. "I mean, who else is doing that?"

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The United States and China — the world's top two greenhouse gas-emitting countries, which together account for about 40% of the world's annual carbon output — announced Wednesday they have agreed to cooperate on limiting emissions to address the global climate crisis.

The United States has seen a decline in cases and hospitalizations since the summer's delta surge — but the decline is declining.