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Entries We Love: Celso Garayúa, 'Al Dorso De Mi Corazón'

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pairs well with: Watering your plants in your dream house

With a spare and sweet acoustic guitar behind his voice, first-time Conest entrant Celso Garayúa describes expansive love: an idyllic house on the beach. The imagery is palpable here – palm trees swaying in the air, the hypnotizing sensuality of ocean tides, the dreamstate of drinking coffee by a window that overlooks the sea, with each chorus asking: "Who gave you this light?"

Surrounded by four white walls in a small courtyard with a few tropical plants, a big antique desk and natural light pouring in, it's as if for his video Garayúa actually went to the place his heart had imagined. Turns out it's not a far stretch from where he actually is – on an island filled with natural beauty (that we were happy to welcome to this year's Contest), Puerto Rico.

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Lia Crockett